As Sheriff, the mission I embraced for Jasper County was to protect the lives, property, and rights of all citizens. To work alongside our deputies, helping, coaching, and providing the necessary training to keep our county safe.
Malphrus for Sheriff

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As Sheriff, it is my mission to be committed to protecting the lives, property, and rights of all citizens, while maintaining and enforcing the laws of Jasper County. I will carry out this mission by working alongside our officers daily, helping, coaching, and providing the necessary training to keep our county safe; by working with our citizens to hear concerns and build trust among the officers and community.

I will also work with our neighboring agencies, building team skills and working relationships. As Sheriff, it is my mission not to fail, but to strive daily to work harder and more diligently than the day before, reaching the goal of making Jasper a better place for the next generation.

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Hands on, Working Sheriff
One of my first commitments as sheriff is to be a hands on, working sheriff. As citizens, you will see this in many ways.


What We Have Done
21 Consecutive Years of Law Enforcement Experience in Jasper County, Law Enforcement Ethics Training


Our Mission
NCEA Largest Criminal Interdiction Seizure in U.S. - 5 Time Recipient, Crimestoppers Officer of the Year - 3 Time Recipient

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2020It truly is time for a positive change in law enforcement for Jasper County, where everyone will benefit. Change for A little lower officer safety and building up of morale at the department. Change for protection and community oriented enforcement in our neighborhoods.
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Percentage Increase/Decrease Totals for Sheriff Malphrus 2017-2018
  • Homicide: Decreased 42.8%
  • Burglary: Decreased 33%
  • Narcotics Arrests: Increased 2147%
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: Decreased 30%
  • Larceny: Decreased 18.1%
These Numbers Prove The Professional
Sheriff’s Job Done By Chris Malphrus