One of my first commitments as sheriff is to be a hands on, working sheriff. As citizens, you will see this in many ways.

First, as sheriff I vow to be available to hear your concerns and complaints, but also to hear what you see happening in your communities. If the voice of the people can’t be heard, then we are failing as a community! Along with a professional sheriff’s office, I need the input from the community to help solve crimes. I vow to restore the trust and faith t…hat has currently been lost. I vow to work together with the citizens to solve and prevent crimes. I not only want your input, but will need it to help do a better job.

Secondly, I vow to be a hands on sheriff by being an active, working sheriff. I want to lead my deputies by example. I want to be a leader, not a boss. I want to be out in our community working alongside our deputies. This will build morale, and create a team/family like atmosphere.

Third, I vow to be directly involved with the community through family style events. I want to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement in Jasper County. As sheriff I would like to host mulitple community events each year to develop relationships with the citizens. I want the people to know the deputies, as well the deputies to know the people. Thus, restoring trust and building personal relationships, knowing each other on a name to name basis.


Statistics show that 85% of all crimes that occur are drug related. I vow to be the toughest Sheriff on the drug problem that ravages our streets every day.

  • The first step to attacking the drug activity – restructuring the department to have more deputies patroling, creating high visibility patroling in our communities….
  • The second step to attacking the drug activity – creating an aggressive crime unit. Placing deputies from this special team in high crime areas is the best way to deter the drug activity and crimes that result from it. By heavily saturating these areas, the deputies can gather information and identify people in the area by making public contacts — with everyone walking, riding bikes, in cars, etc. The main purpose of the aggessive policing is to drive the criminal element out of Jasper County.
  • The third step to attacking the drug activity – to create a neighborhood watch program in each community where the citizens can share information with one another and the Sheriff’s Department.
  • The fourth step to attacking the drug activity – to work together with the other agencies in the county and create a joint task force. This task force can work together on undercover operations, intelligence gathering and sharing, and to focus on drug investigations and enforcement in Jasper County.
  • The fifth step to attacking the drug activity -to receive assistance from federal agencies. Over my years of law enforcement I have made contacts with leaders on all levels, local, state, and federal. By seeking out these leaders in our time of need here in Jasper, we will be able to work together to investigate and prosecute criminal drug activity to the fullest.

The drug dealers in Jasper County have 3 options – Abide by the laws; Move their criminal enterprise out of Jasper County; Or Go to jail. I refuse as sheriff to allow 5-10% of the Jasper County population to cause the other 90% of the citizens to live in fear


As I travel the county and meet people the same problem is discussed, manpower and budget restraints. One of my many solutions to these two problems is to maximize the reserve program.

The reserve program allows citizens that meet the proper requirements to become volunteer police officers/sheriff’s deputies. After completing extensive training and testing through the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, attendees will become certified reserve officers, thus becoming just like a full time paid deputy with full arrest powers and the likes. This will allow Jasper County to add 39 Reserve Officers (volunteers) and is FREE to the citizens of Jasper County.

What are the benefits of adding these Reserve Officers?

  • The Reserve Program doubles manpower and greatly increases the amount of officers patrolling the communities and neighborhoods, at no significant cost to the taxpayers.
  • The Reserve Program allows the citizens of Jasper County to serve their community.
  • The Reserve Program it will benefit the full time officers by giving them immediate backup and will greatly reduce officer safety issues, which ultimately can reduce the cost of possible incidents to the taxpayers.
  • The Reserve Program will save the taxpayers money by allowing the officers to serve in courtrooms as security, to help with transports, to assist on crime scenes, to help with special teams etc.
  • The Reserve Program offers the county the ability to promote reserve officers when full time positions become available. An officer who is already trained, part of the sheriff’s office family, and familiar with the community will benefit Jasper County.
  • The Reserve Program will attack the need for more officers on patrol as well as keep the budget increases to a minimum in this area. Keeping the cost to taxpayers while improving the work standards and protection level is vitally important to me as Sheriff.


As Sheriff I plan to make major changes to the Sheriff’s Office and how it operates. By making these changes, it will create a more effective and effiicient department.Currently our fire departments are broken down into districts. By implementing this change, we will follow the same type of structuring. Each zone will be assigned officers. These officers will patrol ‘their’ zones, therefore giving them the ability to be… proactive in their policing and patroling – not reactive as the department currently operates.

This implementation allows officers to learn more about the citizens in their zones and build relationships, community policing. And as each officer builds these relationships, they also will learn the details of their community zones, knowing who lives where, what specific properties are owned, specific equipments (lawnmowers, tractors, etc.), and cars that are driven by residents.

The benefits of zoning:

  1. Allows for aggressive and proactive policing.
  2. Builds officer/community relationships with more trust and respect for one another.
  3. Reduces response times
  4. Creates more backup and reduces officer safety issues
  5. Creates high visibility of officers partroling – this is the BEST way to deter crime.
  6. Gives a fast response time to other agencies needing assistance to include Fire and EMS
  7. Will reduce mileage and wear on patrol vehicles

Currently, as a citizen in the County district (not city patrol), I cannot tell you when we have seen an officer patroling our streets, stopping by our residence, becoming familiar with our family and property. Why? Because the current leadership has not taken advantage of this simple tool, zoning. This is a common law enforcement tactic used across the country. Our officers now are overworked and run from one end of the county to the next taking reports and not being able to effectively police and patrol. By implementing this very common tool and law enforcement practice we can work together as a department to attack the crime problem that plagues Jasper County. Vote Chris Malphrus in the June 14th Democratic Primary to protect your property, your neighborhoods, and to get back to community oriented policing

Crime Statistics

These statistics tell the story!

Re-elect Chris Malphrus for a safer Jasper County!


Sheriff Malphrus 2020 Campaign Commitments

1. Increase Staffing/ Increase Patrol Deputies

Although the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office is considered fully staffed, Sheriff Malphrus sees the immediate need to increase staffing across the board. Sheriff Malphrus has been committed to working alongside the Jasper County Council for funding, and has applied for several grants. These grants would help provide funding for increased staffing. Sheriff Malphrus has been, and will continue to be committed to making sure increases and improvements come at little to no cost increase to the tax payers.

When Sheriff Malphrus took office in January 2017, there were two deputies patrolling Jasper County as a whole each shift. In 2016, one of Sheriff Malphrus’ commitments was to increase patrolling coverage for the citizens of Jasper County. Since taking office, the current patrol shift coverage has increased to a minimum of five deputies, broken down into four zones, per 12 hour shift. Staffing increases have also been made by adding investigators, a Crime Suppression Team, and Community Relations Team. Sheriff Malphrus has been, and will remain committed to increasing this number to better serve and protect the citizens of Jasper County, and their property.

2. Continue to Build Community Relationships

In 2016, Sheriff Malphrus committed to reaching out in the community, to bridge the gap between the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office and citizens in the communities of Jasper. Since taking office January 2017, Sheriff Malphrus has implemented multiple events to reach everyone. Reach and Teach classes to help citizens with fraud and identity theft, partnering with the solicitors office to offer expungements for specific offenders, and even participating in job fairs to help further the careers of those interested. In 2016, Sheriff Malphrus committed to “host multiple community events to develop relationships with the citizens.” Since 2017, events like the Annual Trunk or Treat, Christmas Wish with New Destiny, Special Olympics Torch Run partnership, Annual Shop with Santa’s Heroes, Community Cookouts, Community Clippers and Cops participation, Community Teen Dance, Christmas Movie Night in the Park, Latin American Festival, Palmetto Armory Family Fun Day, Quarterly Community Meetings across the county, Jasper Animal Rescue Mission Remodel, and the Annual PetSmart Chance, Hope and Lucky Outreach, these events have all been relationship building opportunities for officers and citizens alike. In 2019, Sheriff Malphrus implemented the recognition of citizens who go above and beyond in their communities by giving out ‘Citizen Awards’ during the quarterly community meetings. This is a perfect way for citizens to become directly involved with Sheriff Malphrus and the deputies as they are the life line to nominating these citizens. Through this relationship building, Sheriff Malphrus is able to learn about his community citizens in detail and offer this special recognition to those who work hard for their communities and serve the citizens of Jasper County. Other accomplishments such as Shop with Santa’s Heroes and Family Fun Days are all perfect opportunities for Sheriff Malphrus’ commitment to bridging the gap with family style events to take place. These events have been and will continue to be a big part of Sheriff Malphrus’ commitments, as it gives the officers the opportunity to truly get to know the citizens, and continue to build personal relationships with everyone, of all ages.

3. Build Detailed JCSO Divisions

  • Gang/Violent Crimes Unit

This team would be at least one dedicated investigator to work daily in identifying gang activity and members within Jasper County. With so many youth in our area seeking affiliation with gangs, Sheriff Malphrus recognizes the importance for their future to attack gang progression in Jasper County. At least one additional investigator would also be dedicated to working on solving violent crimes and bringing closure to victims. Sheriff Malphrus’ goal is to make sure team members such as these would receive specialized training to ensure the citizens of Jasper are getting the absolute best prevention and investigations possible.

  • Task Force

Sheriff Malphrus has years of experience working hand in hand with the DEA and FBI. A joint task force with these federal agencies and Jasper County Sheriff’s Office has many benefits for citizens and deputies alike. This task force would give Sheriff Malphrus and his team access to many federal resources, at little to no cost for the citizens of Jasper County. It would also open the doors to charge criminals on a federal level, thus helping clean the criminal element out of Jasper County. Sheriff Malphrus would ensure that this task force is combined with all local agencies in our area.

  • Cold Case Investigators

This added division would dedicate two assigned investigators to focus on older cases of violent crimes/homicides. Currently our investigators work older and new cases. This creates a massive workload for the few team members we have. With the extra time and dedication, Sheriff Malphrus hopes to bring justice and closure to families of victims as he has diligently on current cases through his tenure as Sheriff since January 2017.

  • Child Crimes Investigator

Sheriff Malphrus would like to staff an investigator whose main focus would be internet related crimes and crimes against children. The number of crimes against children continue to grow. These types of investigations require a lot of time to investigate, and it would benefit his staff and citizens in Jasper to have someone dedicated to working solely on these incidents.

4. Continue as a Hands on Working Sheriff

Sheriff Malphrus has repeatedly worked alongside his deputies during his current term in office. Having a sheriff who is willing to work with his team helps keep officer moral up and builds the teamwork standards. Sheriff Malphrus promises to his staff, and the citizens, to continue to be hands on and working, thus creating an opportunity for team building as a leader, and relationship building between Sheriff Malphrus and the citizens, while working to serve and protect each person and their property.