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Jasper Needs Malphrus as Sheriff 2020
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Previous Administration:
  • 2015 – 2016
  • Homicides: 14
  • Burglary: 278
  • Narcotics Arrest: 17
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: 103
  • Larceny: 517
Sheriff Malphrus Administration:
  • 2017 – 2018
  • Homicides: 8
  • Burglary: 186
  • Narcotics Arrests: 382
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: 72
  • Larceny: 423
Percentage Increase/Decrease Totals for Sheriff Malphrus 2017-2018
  • Homicide: -42.8%
  • Burglary: -33%
  • Narcotics Arrests: +2147%
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: -30%
  • Larceny: -18.1%
These Numbers Prove The Professional
Sheriff’s Job Done By Chris Malphrus

All of these numbers, especially the lower statistics in crime for Sheriff Malphrus, show that his commitment to Proactive and Community Oriented Policing is a benefit to the citizens of Jasper County.

This method of policing ensures the highest level of protection is provided to our citizens. Currently the JCSO is using a tool called Crime Mapping.

Crime Mapping technology assists deputies with locating areas within Jasper County that may be experiencing an increase in crime. In return, the deputies are able to provide extra focus to those areas to ensure reduction of crime and an increased level of protection.

This strategy has proven itself to be superior in reducing crime, compared to other methods previous administrations used.

Each quarter, crime statistics are reviewed, and then a map is generated for each area based on reported crimes. It gives the deputies a sense of where extra attention may be needed, while they continue to patrol all the communities of Jasper.

Our Neighborhoods Are Safer With Malphrus
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